Lokai Bracelets

Trends are possibly the most contagious things since the flu; It only takes one person to sport a catchy look, and then the next day there is a fashion epidemic! There’s one infectious trend that seems to be the talk of the town: lokai bracelets. Students at TERRA are usually seen with at least one lokai bracelet, and the beauty of it is that they are unisex. Sophomore Brianna Mills says, “They’re overpriced but everyone has them, so having a lokai is the same concept of having an iPhone over an Android. They all stand for something different.”

Lokai bracelets have a remarkably touching story behind them. It all started in the year 2009 at Cornell University, where  Steven Izen was just an offbeat freshman. His grandfather had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was the first time Izen had ever been in such an ominous predicament. He felt so helpless that he couldn’t do anything to heal his grandfather. A couple of days after hearing the gut-wrenching news, Izen was at the beach with his friends and family. He thought to himself how could some parts of his life feel so right while others felt so wrong? This was the humble realization that made Lokais possible. “A bracelet that encourages one to be humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows.”(from www.mylokai.com)  freshman Alanna Martinez says, “Lokais are a great idea for balance and represent a spiritual, healthy lifestyle. The bracelet itself is comfortable and has become so popular. I love them and their meaning. The company donates the money to charity and continues to show off the product in interesting ways.”

There are several different types of lokai bracelets, such as the limited edition pink lokai in honor of breast cancer, the camouflage lokai, and the classic black-and-white lokai. TERRA Sophomore Kristina Rodriguez stated,“They’re cute and they’re a nice way to accessorize or add and compliment to an outfit.”

The limited edition pink Lokai is extra special because all the money is donated to the American Cancer Society. You would be helping save the lives of many brave and inspiring people at a low point in their lives. Starting December 1st, the corporation is launching a red lokai in honor of supporting child cancer awareness.

Most of the proceedings go to charitable organizations and help millions of people get their lives back on track. Not only are they charitable, but they’re also absolutely fabulous! They match with everything and compliment your outfit no matter what!  We encourage everyone at TERRA to join in on the Lokai bracelet phenomenon!