What’s New with HOSA?


Mrs. Carmen Brodermann, HOSA Sponsor

Desiree Pico and Fernando Yzquierdo

Health Occupations Students of America, commonly referred to as HOSA, is a popular club at TERRA, but this year is rumored to be the greatest one yet. With 202 members—fifty more than last year— and new officers and events, this year’s HOSA has many changes from the previous years.

Introduced at TERRA in 2011 by Mrs. Carmen Brodermann, one of the club sponsors, HOSA is a health science and leadership competition club where students apply knowledge learned for their competitions at the regional, state, and national level, competing with schools across not only Miami-Dade, but across the nation. TERRA is always one of the top schools in the HOSA competition, bringing home awards at all levels. One of the many changes made this year is the addition of a new club sponsor, Mr. Steven Rojas. This year, Rojas and Brodermann will work alongside each other when handling HOSA as a whole. Rojas is excited to be a part of HOSA, and when asked about expectations for this year’s competition, he emphatically stated, “I expect us to go to nationals and win states.”

President of the club, senior Ricardo Reboso, shares Rojas’ hopes for TERRA HOSA to go far this year. He hopes for everyone to enjoy themselves and “for us [HOSA competitors] to win a lot of awards.” The members of HOSA are comprised of students from all academies, with four percent being from Engineering, six percent from Environmental, and ninety percent from Biomedical. Although the majority of the members are from the Biomedical Academy, the club is not solely for them. Brodermann states, “There isn’t necessarily an advantage to being in Biomedical because the information you will be learning in the club isn’t taught, per se, in the Biomed Academy classes. The fact that the students from other academies are interested means that they have drive too, and that’s what matters.”  

One of the most immediate and noticeable changes is the observation of HOSA Week in the first week of November. Last year at TERRA, the celebration was marked by relatively few activities, but this year involves more interactive and informational activities. Senior Seiko Hosoki, HOSA Week Chairperson, played a major role in planning HOSA Week this year and finds the results of her labor quite rewarding. “Since I got to organize it with the help of other people, I think I accomplished making it an enjoyable week that the HOSA members will remember.” She believes that her new position is valuable to the club as HOSA Week “probably was considered an ease off their [members’] minds before competition.”

Students in the Biomedical Academy participated in activities, such as a Biomedical “Jeopardy!” competition and roleplaying as forensic investigators in a crime scene. Others included visits from healthcare-related professionals, such as a Skype session with Dr. Miami (a surgeon), a speech from Julius Wade (the HOSA Region 2 Vice President), and a visit from emergency responders with the Miami Dade Fire Department, who brought fire trucks with them.

New committee chairs were created with the purpose of widening the focus of HOSA to things outside of the competition itself. While competition does play a major role in HOSA, officers felt strongly that there should be an emphasis on providing HOSA members with information to really understand what it is like to be in the healthcare field, not just to prepare for one competition; thus, they will help to plan activities that do just that.

“I want this year to be the best one possible,” says Reboso. With the many improvements made and the dedication of the members in this club, this year may be just that.