Florida Virtual School

Laura Rodriguez, Student Life Writer

Florida Virtual School is an online school where the student learns away from a traditional classroom. FLVS provides students with a curriculum, web interface, and teachers to work with the students. Also, the parents are very much involved in their child’s education. They work with the teacher to make sure that their child is on track, learning, and excelling in his or her studies.

Recently added by the Florida Department of Education, it’s now something that is required to take to graduate high school. “FLVS is very flexible because I can do my work whenever I want to within that week for the class I’m taking,” sophomore Valentina Martinez said. The state pays for the student’s classes, and all the student has to do is complete them.

Not everyone agrees with FLVS. Sophomore Emilie Santirzo said, “FLVS is not a good source of education because students can very easily get distracted from their work, and it shouldn’t be a requirement to graduate because some kids need hands-on attention to be able to fully understand certain concepts.” Young people tend to be on their phones and computers all day. Now they have to be in front of a computer for their schooling as well. Why is it a requirement? It is just to fulfill school requirements out of school walls.

Sophomore Cristina Vale has taken three online courses with FLVS, and she said, “It’s good, but the only negative aspect of it is that you have to teach yourself.” You may have mixed feelings on FLVS, but after this, you should have a pretty clear view on what you think.