Trump vs. Cruz

Isabella Chin, Editorials

Monmouth University, located in New Jersey, has recently released a new poll. Ted Cruz is beating Donald Trump by 15 points in the presidential election, Cruz with 38% and Trump with 23%. Why is this important? Because Donald Trump should not become president. Trump has still been speaking out inappropriately against other races, such as the Mexicans and the Muslims. If elected into office, Donald Trump would not use his title of president appropriately. “Trump doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s doing,” says sophomore Claudia Giampietri. “The way he’s going about getting elected is not the best way.”

In a victory speech over Nevada, he mentions that he “loves the poorly educated”. What is that supposed to mean? Earlier on, he mentioned wanting to build a wall around the U.S. border to prevent Mexicans from entering America. He now mentions that the Mexicans will be paying for the very wall that keeps them out. And how does that make sense? Recently, during the month of December, he called for a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the country, and has also expressed the thought that the mosques must be spied on as well and potentially closed down if extreme messages are disseminated. This is different from the previous things he has advocated. Instead of answering a vague question here and there or making an off remark, he has outlined his position and sent it to several reporters. Because of this, Trump would be unable to form a strong relationship with the Muslims and would be unable to rally their support.

On the other hand, Ted Cruz would be what Trump is not. He would be a good president for the U.S. Cruz would likely draw support from the Hispanic community and could quite possibly unify the Republican Party as voters tend to favor someone with a conservative record. According to Todd J. Gillman, “Cruz’s nomination for the U.S. Senate makes him one of the most visible Hispanics in a Republican Party that has long struggled to make a breakthrough with the fast growing slice of the electorate.” “He has the potential to be very successful in office”, says sophomore Karina Luis. He is not afraid to fight for what he believes, as shown in his battles over Obamacare and immigration. His position on immigration would give him the ability to tackle a big challenge in this country, as his strong feelings towards the issue would enable him to fight for what he feels is right. There are many reasons why Ted Cruz should be president and these are just a few of them. Sure, Trump claims he wants what’s best for the country, but does he really know what he’s doing? I think not. He continues to voice questionable thoughts and remarks, and he has little to no experience in the political field.

In essence, the lead Cruz has over Trump is beneficial. Cruz would make a better president than Trump and everyone needs to know why. Cruz as president has more advantages and he does not make inappropriate comments about other races. So, the solution to the problem that is Donald Trump? Just don’t vote for him.