Kylie Cosmetics

A Product Review

Makeup should never be considered as a form of masking your complexion, it is truly and simply a form of enhancing your beauty. Contrary to popular belief, cosmetics aren’t “superficial” or “unnecessary”. Take lipstick, for instance, the Kylie lip kit is a perfect example of emphasizing your lips. In fact, it is so popular that it is currently sold out; the website suggests that they will be restocking; meanwhile, you can get it on eBay- although for a higher price.

The lip kit received generally mixed reviews; people really seem to enjoy the packaging with the edgy image of the lips with the artsy drips. The lip liner and the liquid lipstick go on a little dry but the color is superb. The downside is that it smells like synthetic candy, and since it’s sitting right under your nose, it’s a little hard to ignore. People did say that it made their lips plumper; but overall, mixed feelings. The formula is actually very good; it’s not heavy- which is rather rare when you’re applying a matte color. “I tried using just the lip liner but it was way too drying; so I added the liquid lipstick, believing that it would be more moisturizing, but that certainly didn’t help,” sophomore Adriana Morey said. Kylie Cosmetics offers several different shades to choose from such as 22, Koko, Posie, Candy, Dolce, True Brown, and Mary Jo K. American makeup artist Jeffree Star insightfully argued that “The liquid lipstick smells like the meanest girl in the eighth grade”- that quote really makes you visualize the smell of an artificially plastic substance (much like the pretend makeup that we used as kids).  “I love this product because of the formula and how long it lasts. I use it when I go out or when I want to add color to my look”, sophomore Kristina Rodriguez said.  Jenner and her team of cosmetic scientists have been formulating a new form of lipstick that will change the cosmetic industry forever: liquid lipstick.

“I would 100% recommend it because it’s one of the most hydrating, moisturizing, and long lasting liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried,” Rodriguez said. What most people have been saying about the lip kit is that the color is too dark for their skin-tone or it’s too drying, but they always make a comeback by saying that it made their lips look more plump and/or full.  

Jenner has been working on this project for two years and she has finally released it! Somehow her team of scientists found a way to combine liquid lipstick and lip liner into one little bottle. Jenner stated in several television interviews that she wanted to share all her best-kept beauty secrets with her fans; she wanted to help give us the “Kylie look”. “It’s by far, the best makeup investment I’ve ever made. It’s my favorite product. I use it on a daily basis and it has become a necessity in my life”,  senior Maria Callejas said.