Back to the Grind

Desiree Pico, Section Editor

On the morning of August 22, 2016, students all across Miami Dade County made their way back to school, bidding the last of summer farewell and embarking on another year of learning. Among these is a student who is ready to begin her senior year at TERRA Environmental Research Institute. This senior, Lydia Orfila, is prepared to take on the challenge of her final year in high school, and like most, she hopes for it to be the best one yet.

The sudden return of the school year catches many vacationers by unwelcomed surprise, including Orfila. “I was in shock that summer was already over when I walked through the doors on Monday. I wasn’t ready to come back yet,” she admitted.

Yet the start of this new year doesn’t only bring feelings of sadness; it brings relief. Many students await the start of school with anxiety, concerned about whether their schedules will reflect the choices they made during subject selection, if they will get the best teachers, or if they will have friends in their classes. Orfila considers herself lucky, as she has multiple classes with her friends and received the teachers she had hoped for. “I was nervous for the beginning of the year,” she conceded, “but I’m happy it’s my last year. So, I guess you could call it a bitter-sweet year for me.”

Senior year is generally considered the most important and fun year in high school and causes quite a bit of stress in many students, whether it be from homework, college applications, job interviews, or SAT testing. Orfila, however, has set her mind on making this year enjoyable by not stressing over her classes as much as she did in her previous years at TERRA. “I really hope it’s as stress-free as I want it to be,” she said. When the final year of high school comes around, one of the first things that comes to the minds of many seniors is the possibility of leaving home and going someplace new for school, but not Orfila. She prefers to stay local and apply to FIU, UM, or Miami Dade College. For now though, she prefers to not look too far into the future and simply “survive and come out alive” from this school year.