Celebrities in Favor of Clinton


Katy Perry makes a post about being in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Emily Fojon, Entertainment Writer

There is a new rage going around, where well known celebrities, such as: Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, current President Barack Obama, Lee Daniels,  Scooter Braun and Beyonce, are heavily endorsing Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. These well known celebrities are connecting with their fans through their social medias (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to promote Clinton because they are not in favor of the way Trump would handle the United States if he were to become the next President. These celebrities are influencers and are voicing their opinions, in doing so what they are saying and promoting “I’m with her!” is taken in substantially by their fans, “These celebrities are saying how they feel without caring what anyone else thinks and they have the right to peacefully,” stated TERRA Sophomore Cristian Bendfeldt.

These celebrities are constantly posting pictures and speaking about making the right decision and picking the right candidate as, the new President of the United States of America. With just as little as a picture about Clinton and why these celebrities are in favor of her, may change their fans’ minds on who they are voting for. This is definitely affecting Donald Trump (whose slogan is “Make America Great Again”) in becoming the next President because he is losing more of his supporters every time something controversial comes out about him (the way he treats women, not releasing his taxes, his temperamental attitude, fact checking skills, he’s feelings towards immigrants and racial slurs). “I’m appalled by Donald Trump’s actions and words,” stated sophomore Isabella Montano. Therefore, when November 8th rolls around will the celebrity’s endorsement towards Clinton have be enough to outrun Trump? Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what the final decision of the American people is.