Spooktacular Decades


Mr. Alfred Bunge's trigonometry class dressed up for TERRA's Spooktacular Decades Day.

Desiree Pico, Section Editor

TERRA has started to usher in the holiday season with a new event focused around one of the most popular American holidays: Halloween. On Monday, October 31, 2016, students partook in the first Spooktacular Decades Dress up Contest, coming to school in outfits ranging from the 1960s to the 1990s. Throughout the day, certain staff members gave golden tickets to those they felt had original, creative outfits that exemplified their respective decade. Students with these tickets were allowed to go on stage during lunch to have their costume judged.

Mrs. Angela Gonzalez, TERRA’s Activities Director, came up with this event to “bring in more spirit to the school while also giving the student body an opportunity to have fun in school on Halloween.” She states, “This is the first year that we wanted to try out allowing students to dress up [for Halloween]. In order to make it more competitive, we decided to do decades. Each grade level would dress up in a certain era, which made it more enjoyable, I think.”

Most students, like sophomore Gabriela Medina and junior William Abreu thoroughly enjoyed the event and the opportunity to “have a break” from their usual TERRA uniforms. “That was my favorite part of this event,” says Medina. “I just liked being able to come to school in something comfortable.”

Others, like senior Michael Gonçalves, felt that this event boosted his school spirit. “I loved getting involved with the school [and] seeing how almost everyone from almost every grade level showed up in some fun, unique outfits.”

Other reasons for dressing up include joining friends who were going to do it, which is what drove freshman Stefanie Diaz to come dressed up. “I really liked getting to see everyone in costume. Some were really funny to see,” she admits, “especially the dinosaur costumes.”

Freshmen were clad mostly in tie-dye and floral headbands to reflect the ‘60s, while sophomores came in glittery tops and “groovy” outfits from the ‘70s. The upperclassmen arrived in attire from the ‘80s and ‘90s. Juniors came mostly in neon colors and characters from the ‘80s, while seniors showed up in a casual jeans-and-tee look along with characters from that decade as well. While these styles seem drastically different from each other and today’s clothes, most students had no difficulty putting an outfit together. As Medina puts it, “I had most of it in my closet anyways.”

Mrs. Gonzalez is one of many who are very pleased with this event’s outcome. It went so well that the probability for future dress ups is high. This is due largely to the fact that students “were respectful of the criteria.” Coming up in the near future is homecoming spirit week which is followed by senior spirit week in April, both of which involve dressing up. She says, “It was beyond successful. I thought everyone participated and had fun with it as well. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.”   


TERRA juniors Paris Carr, Mario Barroso, and Victoria Flynn dressed up for the 1980s.
TERRA juniors Paris Carr, Mario Barroso, and Victoria Flynn dressed up for the 1980s.