DIY Valentine’s Gift Guide


Gabriela Gutierrez

Senior Bryan Deville and junior Gabriela Gutierrez at BJ’s Brewhouse for their five-month anniversary date.

Emily Fojon and Grace Rodriguez

Are you tired of getting your loved one a gift that everyone else has?

Here are some creative gifts that will not break the bank.

The Handmade Gift Basket

Place your significant other’s favorite movies and snacks in a basket wrapped up with a cute stuffed animal. The basket can also be filled with picnic materials for an impromptu park date.


The Jar Method

  • If you and your significant other struggle to agree on what to do for date night, here is a creative gift: Write different plans on small slips of paper and place them in a jar. When you and your significant other cannot decide what to do, randomly select a slip and the issue is resolved.
  • Grab any size jar you can find and decorate it with a ribbon and a heart along the middle and fill up the jar with reasons why you love them. This gift can serve as a cute shelf decoration and a reminder of your love.

Date Ideas

A simple in-house dinner with candles and soft music can be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.

A ticket to your significant other’s favorite sports game or music artist.

Customizable Options

You might want to remind your significant other of you with a personalized item such as a mug, T-shirt, keychain, necklace, phone case, or hat. etc. Customized gifts are extremely thoughtful and highly recommended. Vistaprint makes it easy to customize mugs and clothing with fashionable text or personal photos.