What Goes Around Comes Around

A film review of Rings (2017)


Rings released Feb. 3, 2017 in theaters.

Ayla Gonzalez, Features Writer

The internet has been a massive portion of many people’s lives for a while now, but when a haunted video plagues it, is the technology so great then? The movie Rings, starring Matilda Lutz (Julia), Alex Roe (Holt), Aimee Teegarden (Skye), and Bonnie Morgan (Samara Morgan), is a horror film directed by Javier Gutierrez and written by David Loucka.  The premise of the film is that if a certain graphic video is watched, the viewer would be haunted and killed within seven days by the ghost known as Samara. Throughout the film, the audience follows the journey of the unfortunate characters trying to escape their fate after viewing the cursed video, watching as they run into numerous perilous situations.

The audience witnesses the characters’ demises and race to find a way to stop the curse of Samara. The director builds the spooky ambiance through the eerie music and well-timed jump scares that catch the audience off-guard, making it as terrifying as possible. Sophomore Grace Castillo states, “There were so many plot twists in the movie, and it was really good. Especially the ending; it scared me!”

A continuation of the movie The Ring released in 2002, Rings takes place thirteen years after the original events that started the hauntings. While The Ring follows the story of two teenage girls discussing the legend, Rings follows multiple people throughout the entirety of the story. In The Ring, the viewers mainly follow the character Rachel as she fights the cursed video. She discovers what kept her safe and how she was able to survive being killed by Samara. In the latest franchise installment, Rings, the viewers follow the story of the same video that was released and a girl through the character of Julie. Towards the end of the movie, the video is made viral, continuing the curse.

Sophomore Nicole Wakim said, “The whole time I thought [the film] was set in a parallel timeline. When it was announced it wasn’t, I was shocked!” Rings was a well-made movie and is an amazing sequel to a good genre of film.