Future Pathway for the Class of 2017

Kaitlyn Parada and Isabella Montano

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As the school year comes to an end, seniors are finding out whether or not they got accepted to the colleges they have applied to. For most seniors, the application process is the most strenuous part of the year, filled with meeting deadlines, writing essays and asking for recommendation forms. But once all is said and done, all the seniors can do is wait.

After seniors receive their acceptance letters, they must decide which college to attend. Many factors come into play during this process, such as financial aid, scholarships, living arrangements, distance, academics and family, and friends. During the process, seniors often ask themselves “Do I want to live far from home?” and “Does this school offer a good education for my intended major?”

Most seniors have already gotten their acceptance or rejection letters from various Florida institutions but some of their out of state decision letters are still pending. Senior Andrew Vipatasilpin for one has already been accepted into two Florida universities but is still anticipating letters from several out of state schools. “I got into the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida so far but I am still waiting to hear from Boston University and Brown University,” Vipatasilpin said.

Leaving home for the first time can be nerve-wracking and is often what upcoming college freshmen fear the most. Most freshmen studying away from home will live in a dorm with roommates so learning to compromise is a must. Students will also need to learn how to take care of themselves and learn basic life skills such as doing laundry and cooking.


“The thing I worry most about leaving home is that I will not be able to rely on my parents to correct my mistakes and remind me of my responsibilities,” Vipatasilpin said.

Senior Adriana Khan was accepted into The New School in the center of Manhattan in New York on Dec. 15 as she intends to study business marketing. “I was super excited [to be accepted] because I’ve wanted to study in New York City since I was little,” Khan said. Being more than 1,200 miles away from home is definitely a frightening feeling.

Khan said she will “obviously miss my family and friends but I know I’ll be going down a lot to visit them.”

Senior Daniela Myers applied to top schools such as the University of Chicago, Boston University, and New York University. She is prepared to pursue her studies away from home and has certain expectations on how the college life will treat her. “At first I expect to struggle with the adjustment from high school to college, which is much more demanding academically,” Myers said. “The freedom I will encounter in college may be overwhelming and stressful, but I hope to welcome it with open arms as I begin to experience the beginning of adulthood.”

Nonetheless, this is an exciting time for all seniors as they make preparations to start their new journey in the fall. Many goodbyes will be made in the coming months as they embark on the life of higher education.

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