Go Hard or Go Home

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Go Hard or Go Home

Pitcher Veronnica Sanchez pictured.

Pitcher Veronnica Sanchez pictured.

Pitcher Veronnica Sanchez pictured.

Pitcher Veronnica Sanchez pictured.

Nicole Hernandez and Brandon Lara

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The month of February is filled with tension and excitement as the season for softball begins. Tryouts took place Jan. 30 through Feb. 2 and were coached by Mr. William Healy and Gus Ramirez. Many who tried out had little or no experience but still came in with great enthusiasm and energy, working their hardest to score a spot on the team. With their great teamwork, the girls were able to take a victory for their first game of the season.

The first home game was on February 15 and they were prepared. The coaches trained them Monday through Friday for about two and a half hours, preparing them for the season and upcoming game.


“We prepared the girls by working on fundamental training and worked on the girls’ weaknesses to better improve,” said Coach Healy.


On February 15, the girls played against Miami Central High School, winning 18-3. The girls were thrilled after a great first game.


“It felt good to win the first game; it really put the nerves aside and showed me that we can work well as a team,” said sophomore Victoria Wagner.


The girls have been working really hard as a team and pushing their limits. They have grown close with each other and are learning how to work together as teammates.

“My teammates are very supportive and are always looking out for me. They’re my second family and are always encouraging me to work harder and to play my best on the field,” said sophomore Sara Chanouha.

The girls played their second game on Feb. 23 and won 15-0 against Miami Sunset Senior High School.


Pitcher Veronnica Sanchez said, “I was really proud of how we came out and played as a team, not wasting any time and getting that win.”


The girls recently had a game on Feb. 27 against Miami Killian Senior High School, losing 8-5. Even in the face of a loss, the girls continue to push themselves to become better players.


“I know we could have beat them,” center field and first base player Michelle Arellano said. “We just need more practice and we’ll get them next time.”


On Mar. 6th, the girls played against Felix Valera Senior High School and the girls were determined to put their previous loss behind them as they “have been practicing hard to play against them,” Arellano said. This proved to be true as TERRA won 16-0 against Varela in an impressive game.


On Mar. 8th, TERRA played against Monsignor Edward Pace High School, however, suffered a loss 4-0. The girls played a strong game as junior Veronnica Sanchez pitched six innings and freshman Gaby Berger pitched one inning. At the bottom of the seventh inning, the bases were loaded with freshman Samantha Garcia, sophomore Madison Parsons, and freshman Paulina Perez and junior Michelle Arellano at bat. “Even though we lost, we could have won defensive wise, as we played well,” Garcia said.


The girl’s softball, thus far, has had an impressive season with only three losses and players’ statistics of hits and runs have improved from the previous season.


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