A Day at the Zoo


Ms. Erica Echeverri’s zoology students spent the day at the zoo on Mar. 10th. Credit: Erica Echeverri

Justin Pradere, Editor in Chief

On Friday, Mar. 10, the Zoology classes of TERRA visited Zoo Miami and got up close and personal with the many animals in their habitats. Zoology teacher Ms. Erica Echeverri has engaged her students in an ongoing conversation about conservation and endangered species; making it her mission to educate her students in an exciting way, first-year teacher Echeverri diligently planned the trip. “It’s important for students to understand the importance of caring for the different species that inhabit our planet and the conservation efforts out there,” Echeverri said.

Seniors had the opportunity to explore the zoo, traveling from region to region in search of the native creatures. Whether they were feeding the giraffes or swimming around with the otters, seniors spent a day to remember at the zoo. “My favorite part of the day was being able to have fun with my friends while being educated on animals at the same time,” senior Stephanie Ocejo said.

Echeverri’s students recently completed a project researching endangered species, their different habitats and the efforts being made to save them. “[After doing this project], I do see them differently because, little do they know,  they’re possibly the last ones to be alive,” senior Gianna Rodriguez said. “It’s sad to see this kind of things happen to animals.”

The day was spent walking around the zoo and encountering a wide range of animals within close range. Students had the opportunity to see the conservation programs Zoo Miami offers such as the Harpy Eagle Project in place. The Harpy Eagle Project is a joint effort with Panama to protect this species and the ecosystem it inhabits. “It’s cool how the zoo makes an effort to protect endangered species through their conservation projects,” senior Andy Ramirez said.

After the day was over, students and chaperones were tired but satisfied with the excursion as they walked around the entire zoo and “it was 110% worth it. It was amazing to see my students so happy and having so much fun and I definitely had a blast as well!” Echeverri said.