Kate Middleton visits charitable home for children

Emily Fojon and Grace Rodriguez

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, visited a house for the families of ill children in London on Feb. 28. According to Hello Magazine, the families are able to stay free of charge for as long as they need to. “I feel it is extremely beneficial for those who might not have a great income to pay for their child’s medical bills as well as house bills and having the opportunity to stay in a place that provides lots of accommodations for free is a great advantage,” sophomore Carolina Carrandi said. Middleton worked with the UK branch of the Ronald McDonald House Charity, which runs fourteen houses, helping more than 7,000 families. She has had the pleasure of meeting families and their critically ill children, putting smiles on each of their faces.

At the Ronald McDonald House, Middleton had the opportunity to tour the 59-bedroom house for sick children and their families. Middleton is known for her representative sense of warmth and kind personality. In welcoming the Duchess of Cambridge, there was a beautiful display of cards and an assortment of cupcakes, as well as fresh flowers. While touring the house, Middleton was introduced to many of those benefitting from its facilities and services. The house helps families and their children remain as close as possible.

The many accommodations provided in each room include a bedroom, sitting room, and en-suite bathroom which offers comfort and a safe environment for families to interact and share their experiences. In addition, the house is also equipped with kitchens, playrooms, and laundry facilities in order for the families to feel at home. Senior Alejandro Arrieta said, “Since hospital bills are so expensive, I believe what she is doing is helping these parents focus on their children’s health instead of stressing over economic issues.” It is expected that 975 families will use it within this year.