Who has what it takes to be crowned Mr. Wolf?


Justin Pradere

After being crowned Mr. Wolf, Joshua Rodriguez pictured with his friends at the event on Mar. 8th.

“Who will be crowned 2017 Mr. Wolf?” is a question that went across TERRA students’ minds as they watched the annual male talent show that took place on Mar. 8th. Mr. Wolf is a mock beauty pageant for males where they compete on behalf of their club. This is when male seniors have the chance to show off and compete for the title of “Mr. Wolf.” The show began with an opening dance number. It also featured the following: swimsuits, formal attire, casual attire demonstrations, chosen talented abilities, interview sessions, and a character statement, which is given by a friend or family member. Showcased talents included magic tricks, painting, jump roping, dancing, and singing.

Stakes were high as contestants were also competing for two free prom tickets. Interview questions were quite personal; contestants were asked questions like “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” and “Why did you decide to compete in Mr. Wolf?”

Mr. National Honor Society, Alejandro Garcia, was asked, “If you had to go back in time to what age, what would it be?” After gathering his thoughts, Garcia said, “I’d say the age of five because it was when everything was easier and all we had to focus on was having fun. We were oblivious of the real world.”

After all the talent and fashion styles were seen, each contestant then had a loved one speak on their behalf for the character appeal portion of the competition, which brought a few tears to the audience as well as the contestants. Sophomore Sarah Ali- Darwish said, “The character appeal was my favorite part because it was very sentimental.” As the show was coming to an end, the judges had to make their decisions while videos of the contestants were playing, featuring the contestants at school along with personal pictures of them and their friends. One of the judges, Ms. Surey Rios, said that her favorite part of the show was being able to see the contestants’ hidden talent. “They were funny and great to watch.”

Once the judges made their final decision, the host, Sophia Fundora, then announced that the second runner up was Mr. Thespian Honor Society, Christian Moreira, and first runner up was Mr. National Honor Society, Alejandro Garcia. Mr. First Priority, Joshua Rodriguez, was crowned Mr. Wolf. Rodriguez made his  talent, painting, a very unique performance. He began painting a portrait upside down and then flipped it over once it was done to reveal a portrait of Jesus. Joshua’s inspiration in participating was “to spend time with my friends and to showcase my talent to others.” Rodriguez hopes to pursue a career in art as a painter and says his mom is his role model since she was the one who taught him how to draw and paint. Rodriguez said, “It was an honor to be the winner of 2017’s Mr. Wolf, and I had a lot of fun, especially with the other contestants.”

Justin Pradere
All of the Mr. Wolf contestants on stage awaiting for the judges’ decision to be made.

With a month of preparation, these nine contestants devoted their time and effort into trying to be the best they can while also having fun. The contestants were scored based on a 100-point scale which encompassed all aspects of the mock beauty pageant by six judges. Rios said, “The interview questions and the answers was what influenced my decision in choosing the winner.” Each contestant showed their amazing talents, humor, charisma, and definitely made this year’s Mr. Wolf a memorable one.