Environmental Students Take On Kayaking


Juniors and seniors in the Environmental Academy spent the day at Virginia Key Outdoor Center on Mar. 17th. Credit: Lyanne Abreu

Justin Pradere, Editor in Chief

On Mar. 17th, students in the Environmental Academy spent the day at the Virginia Key Outdoor Center as a regular Friday turned into a kayaking trip through the waters of Key Biscayne. Science teacher Ms. Lyanne Abreu, five chaperones, and thirty students partook in this experience that was one to remember.

“I love the water and being in South Florida; we’re right on the ocean,” Abreu said. “[Miami] It’s one of the most important ecosystems and one that most cities around the world rely on. We’re in environmental science. We’re talking natural resource management. The only way students are going to want to protect these resources are by appreciating them. This is one of those field trips. To get out of your comfort zone and appreciate something that you may not have been aware existed from a differing perspective.”

The day began with students arriving at VKOC and setting up to get into the water. The excursion, led by three tour guides, included traversing through open ocean with the Downtown Miami skyline in perfect view and a small private beach where students could  swim and walk through nature trails. “My favorite part of the trip was being able to experience more than just a classroom environment with my peers,” junior Briana Chirinos said.

The trip concluded with Abreu and a few of her students paddle boarding in the lagoon. For many of them, it was their first time experiencing this. “Being able to paddle board [for the first time] was fun as well as falling in really cold water,” senior Juan Pachon said. Overall, the trip was one where students witnessed new aspects of the South Florida environment with their fellow students and got to try new water activities they may have not done before.