Coldplay in Miami


Kristine Toraya

Coldplay closing their show at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Aug. 28

Kristine Toraya, Section Editor

Since 1996, lead singer and pianist Chris Martin, along with guitarists Guy Berryman and Jonny Buckland and drummer Will Champion have been a part of one of the biggest bands of all time Coldplay. This English rock group has dominated the music industry for over twenty years with their seven studio albums, televised performances, and worldwide tours, making their name prominent around the world.

“I’ve never been a hardcore fan but I still think they’re an extremely talented group with a good reputation they will maintain,”  senior Giovana Santana said.

Titled after Coldplay’s last released album, A Head Full of Dreams tour began in Mar. 31, 2016, and is set to end on Nov. 15, 2017. After over five years, the band made their way back to the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Aug. 28 for a long-anticipated concert. The band shared a photo on Instagram of a young girl’s poster that reads, “I have waited nine long years to see Coldplay!”

Courtesy: Coldplay’s Instagram account. @coldplay

“I’ve waited for them to come back for so long, and when they finally announced it, I bought my tickets right away,” senior Katiana Person said.

The concert itself was an exhilarating experience filled with colorful lights and beautiful visuals. Every audience member was given a wristband that would flash in different colors in synchronization to the tempo of the song playing . They performed a range of songs from their albums like “Yellow,” “Fix You,” “Viva La Vida,” “Sky Full of Stars,” “Paradise,” and “Head Full of Dreams.”

“My favorite memory of the concert was when Chris Martin told us to put all our phones away and just enjoy this one song with all our hearts. Everyone’s wristbands lit up and the stadium became one,” senior Lauren Garcia said regarding her experience at the concert.

Coldplay has always used their fame to address certain issues and give back to the world in any way they can. Examples include their participation in known charity organizations like Red Cross and MOAS, a registered foundation that helps immigrants at sea.

“I believe bands as famous as they are should try and address these issues to influence their followers to make a difference,” senior Michael Maza said.

Throughout the concert there were many instances where global issues, like inequality and human rights, were addressed. The introduction to the show was a speech titled “A Message for all of Humanity.” This spoke about how “human beings should help one another” regardless of their background. Chris Martin referenced the violence and adversity he sees going on in the world and dedicated a song, “Everglow,” to this. A new song, “Houston,” was written to send condolences to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

“I believe these were added to the show to make people aware of what is happening in the world because when spoken about, it could create change,” junior Taylor Briceno said.

Coldplay put on an amazing show in Miami that created many unforgettable experiences and memories for the audience while spreading positivity.