Hurricane Irma Escalates to a Category 5 Storm


Hurricane Irma has a storm path aimed at the Caribbean and South Florida as it picks up speed. The newly minted Category 5 storm is predicted to cause the same amount of damage as Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Source: ABC News

Justin Pradere, Editor in Chief

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced a state of emergency yesterday for all 67 counties shortly after Hurricane Irma was announced a Category 4 storm.

This morning, however, the National Hurricane Center announced that Irma moved to a Category 5 storm with winds reaching 175 miles per hour. The storm is currently 270 miles east from the Caribbean and is set to hit South Florida on Saturday evening.

Stores like Target and Walmart have already sold out of packaged water and non-perishable foods like peanut butter and bread as Floridians rush to prepare for the storm.

Government officials are prepared for similar or worse damage than what Hurricane Harvey caused just last week in Texas.

“I have declared a state of emergency for every FL county to help state, federal and local governments work together as we prepare for #Irma,” tweeted Governor Scott as the Hurricane escalated yesterday.

The United States is facing two possible back to back natural disasters, so prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Finalize evacuation plans, keep cash handy, fill up your tanks and rush to your nearest supermarket to buy last minute supplies.