C/O 2021 Campaigning: New Wolves Taking the Lead


Sophia Rodriguez

Freshman Lyla Nesenman, running for President, delivers her candidate speech at the freshman social on October 27th.

Students that were interested in becoming a representative for the Class of 2021 went through fierce competition and road to victory for positions in student government. From Oct. 23-Oct. 30, students were advertising their campaigns. On Nov. 1, the actual election took place from 11:35 a.m. until 12:20 p.m during lunch in the cafeteria.

Freshman Alessandra Gonzalez was one of the ten students that ran for president. She was enthusiastic about the elections, in which she displayed a positive attitude toward the competition. Alessandra feels that there should be an existing balance between the administration and the students and believes she is ready to take on that task.

“I want the student body to be heard. This isn’t for the title of president, or to be in some popularity contest. I believe that the needs of Class of 2021 should be heard,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez thinks that she was a qualified candidate for this position, since she can listen to the people’s needs and wants; this includes fundraisers or spirit week days. She wants to motivate her class in their studies and connect her class to the community outside of TERRA.

“I want to connect my class with the outside world by setting up community service projects, which will not only give hours, but also generate a feeling of happiness in the giver.”

At first, Gonzalez was a little stressed over the competition, yet she was doing her best to focus and get her message out there. Gonzalez is calm and maintains her composure when thinking about the results of the election. “People just need to vote, and we’ll see how it goes.”

On Oct. 27th, the candidates running for government gave their speeches at the Freshman Social after school. Each candidate composed a two-minute speech explaining how they would contribute to the Class of 2021 and reasons why the students should vote for them.

Vice President, Giselle Mendes, said that she could contribute to her class by “just trying to make this year fun for [them]. We’re freshmen, we shouldn’t be worried about college yet, so I think while focusing on academics (which is very important) we should have the pleasure of having fun in school as well.” She is thinking about creating events so the freshmen can bond with each other and get to know each other more. “I think we should have more freshmen events. I also think we should host out-of-school events as a school,”  Mendes comments. She also likes it when students give her feedback and give her ideas about activities that she can plan.

Sofia Pla, the only student that ran for Secretary, explains, “I want to run because it’s a great opportunity to be part of the TERRA community. It also looks good when applying to college.”

The 9th grade representative, Ms.Veritza Kostovski, is hopeful for what the new Class of 2021 representatives will achieve. “The 10th grade ladies are phenomenal, they’re, like, on it, so I’m hoping that the ninth grade student government officials are just as good, just as forward thinking, eager to help, motivated, and take initiative to help,” Kostovski said. She encourages the students to run for government because, “it’s a great opportunity for them to sort of have some leadership experience, like for example, not everybody gets to speak in front of their peers, and they got to do that at the Freshman Social. If you want to be out there, if you want to be a leader in your university, or your school, you have to be comfortable speaking in front of a bunch of people. I think that alone is a huge deal for them, I think, and for people in general, because you get away with your fear. It’s good also because it teaches them leadership, responsibility, time management, planning, or thinking how to fix problems because that will come in handy later on when they do get a degree and when they’re working in the field.” Ms. Kostovski admits that it is healthy or fair that the candidates engage in competition, but to an extent. “It’s not like a 10th grade student government, over the ninth grade class, it’s their peers, and it’s open to everybody, and everyone can run for office,” she said. She also explains that even though students are not elected, they can still be involved, including in clubs and events. She says that although the title of the position is nice, it is  really what they make out of it.

She points out some attributes that should be present for someone wanting to become president. “When it comes to being president, you must be humble, you must be a good listener, you must be motivated so that you can motivate others, and always striving to do better, and to do good,” said Kostovski.



Election Results:

President: Carlton Daley

Vice-President: Giselle Mendes

Secretary: Sofia Pla

Historian: Natasha Rogers

Treasurer: Matthew Rubine