Cross Country is going to Regionals

Max Escarpio, Reporter

This year’s Cross Country team has had an impressive season so far. They have improved tremendously from this year to last year in every meet and have broken every record, like the best 5k and the best team placing in a meet. Last year, the team was brought to an end when they failed to pass regionals. The team has trained hard throughout the summer and the beginning of this season to reach their goal: making regionals.

Throughout the season, the team has had their highs and lows but have managed to overcome all obstacles. In one of the last practices the manager of the team, senior Jessica Finol, was questioned about how she helped the team and the type of training the team goes through, “As a manager I write down times and places in races and we refill the water, the team goes through mile splits, endurance runs and one mile warm-ups.” During the last meet on Oct. 20, 2017, sophomore Lance Grainger broke the school record, running 3.2 miles in 18 minutes and 9 seconds.

Freshman Christian Ivonnet was close behind, finishing with a time of 18 minutes and 12 seconds. “My personal goals were reached: breaking the school record.And the team’s goal is making regionals and qualifying for states,” Grainger said.

Last meet on Oct. 26, 2017, the team ran one of their best meets ever. Lance Grainger won tenth place for varsity, and Christian Ivonnet ran 16th, representing the speed of TERRA’s new and improved varsity and JV team. After the last meet senior Krista Alles, who has been on the team since her sophomore year, gave some insight as tohow the team has improved through the years and how she mentored the other runners.“The team has improved year by year, I think the seniors have had a huge mentorship on the other runners like big brothers or sisters.”  Because of the team’s outstanding performance at meets the past few weeks, they now qualify for regionals, which will take place on Nov. 4, 2017

These athletes on the team are helping the school’s reputation, team, and coach to make the school sports stand out, raising the bar high to compete in regionals and possibly make states. Good luck to the Wolves Cross Country team!