Mismatch to the Max

Kristine Toraya, Section Editor

To kick off Homecoming Spirit Week at TERRA, students of all grades came to school dressed in clashing prints and colors on Mismatch Monday. Many showed their spirit and participated by mixing prints like polka dots, stripes, and plaid with colors like yellow, green, blue, and pink to create flashy outfits that were usually finished with two different pairs of socks and shoes.

“I honestly went in my closet and grabbed all the clothes I would never wear together in one outfit, put them on, and headed out for the day,” admits senior, Julio Rabelo.

It is always fun to break away from the usual green and white polos with navy blue uniform pants and dress up to show school spirit.

“My favorite part about today was seeing all my friends look goofy in different kinds of weird clothes,” expresses Victoria Guerra, freshman.

Tomorrow, TERRA students trade in their mismatch fashion to portray a known fictional character on character day!