Tips to Save This Holiday Season

Desiree Pico, Co-Editor in Chief

With the winter holiday season rapidly approaching its climax, everyone is rushing around making any final preparations to ensure a successful holiday. Friends and family are coming in from out of town, the stores are all abuzz with shoppers making last-minute gift purchases, and the costs keep climbing. This entire holiday season is said to be the most costly time of the year for everyone, and Wolves are no exception. According to a TERRAByte poll, 61.2 percent of students say that they spend over $50, with 16.1 percent of those spending more than $150 during this holiday season. With all of the ways there are to spend money, there are also ways to save. Below, some Wolves share their favorite tips to save money during this time of year:

Senior Ana Ruas:

“I don’t feel that I spend too much during the holidays, relative to most people, but you could always benefit from saving money.”

TIP #1: “Don’t go out and buy super expensive gifts, especially if you have a lot of people to shop for. Most times, you can find just as nice a gift for a cheaper price.”

TIP #2: “If you don’t want to buy gifts from the store, you can always turn to homemade gifts. They show that you put some effort into it because you took the time to make it by hand.”

TIP #3: “Don’t go shopping in larger stores, if you can help it, because sales entice you to buy things you don’t really need.”


Senior William Abreu:

“I do believe that my $150-$200 holiday spending is quite the strain on my wallet, but it’s so worth it when I see my friends’ and family react to the gifts.”

TIPS #1-3: “Sales. Sales. Sales. Take advantage of those ‘free shipping’ and ‘bogo’ sales!”  


Junior Raquel Morales:

“I actually don’t feel I spend too much money around the holidays. I try to find good deals, and since the gifts are for people I love and care about, it’s worth it.”

TIP #1: “Look up deals on Amazon.”

TIP #2: “Just being patient to see if there’s a sale on what you’re trying to buy.”

TIP #3: “Cyber Monday shopping is also great for saving money and getting your shopping done early.”


Junior Anthony Zamora:

“Holiday spending? Yeah, I spend way too much.”

TIP #1: “Make gifts by hand”

TIP #2: “Wait for sales or search for them on coupon apps.”

TIP #3: “Plan a secret Santa so you only have to buy a gift for one friend.”


Sophomore Ricardo Pareja:

“I feel that I spend too much around the holidays, mostly because it is a norm today to spend money on the people we care about. It has become like a great need to provide others with materialistic gifts that may cost a lot, but I feel that there shouldn’t be such a great need to spend money on gifts.”

TIP #1: “Don’t focus too much on getting the material gifts for people.”

TIP #2: “Make food, or something that will be enjoyed at the moment, compared to something that will only be used for a while, and maybe forgotten.”

TIP #3: “Try spending more time with the person receiving the gift.”


Freshman Hannah Amaya:

“Oh, yeah, I definitely spend too much during the holidays. There’s buying a lot of gifts for people like all of my relatives. And then you also have to get gifts for the extended family that you see at Christmas parties and then feel bad because they got you a gift.   

TIP #1: “Don’t be afraid to go DIY with your gifts because materials are cheaper, and it’s also a lot more meaningful for you to make your own gift, rather than go out and buy one.”

TIP #2: “Sign up for newsletters for different stores you want to shop at ahead of time, to get all the good discounts and deals on the items you want to buy.”

TIP #3: “Recycle the old gift bags and boxes that you’ve gotten from previous gifts. This puts them to good use and saves you the money you’d otherwise spend on packaging.”


Freshman Paul Tejeda:

“During the holiday season, I typically spend around $200 to $400. Occasionally, I feel that I spend too much, but it’s the holidays. It’s things like nice clothes that are brand new, so it’s worth it.”

TIP #1: “Always go take a look in the clearance section. You’ll usually find some great deals there.”

TIP #2: “Make use of price match at stores that participate in that.”

TIP #3: “Buy pre-owned or pre-used stuff to get it cheaper.”