FIU Reinstates Greek Life

Audrey Leggett, Reporter

The decision to relieve 16 fraternities and sororities of a one-month long suspension at Florida International University (FIU) was announced on Feb. 5. The university administrators and Greek organizers have consented to ban alcohol from all of the events held by these groups and have declared zero tolerance on their past, irresponsible actions. The judgment to install the suspension was caused primarily by the university’s concern about the death of a 20-year old Florida State University student who pledged to the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity chapter. FIU is not the only institution that decided to ban all fraternity and sorority life for some time. A considerable amount of universities across the country have already started to suspend Greek life-related activities.

Mark Rosenberg, the president of FIU, has only placed three of the existing Greek organizations on long-term suspension for the duration of the spring semester due to violation of the chapter’s regulations. The 16 eligible fraternities and sororities who wished for reinstatement were requested to submit a packet, that contained the regulations for maintaining a Greek organization and participate in a presentation that demonstrates the leaders’ comprehension of the rules and responsibilities which they must abide by. “Greek life will help us to recommit to our values,” said Rosenberg on Feb.5, who believed that it was imperative to take the reinstatement of the  Greek organization seriously. The arrangement to have group members present their understanding of the regulations occurred during the January suspension period. “There is now zero tolerance at FIU,” said Rosenberg. Those who failed to be reestablished, such as the chapter Beta Theta Pi, must reschedule their appointed presentations after their suspension has ceased.

Florida State University was not the only deciding factor which prompted FIU’s administration to make the call on the adjournment. Following this decision, a scandal erupted within the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity that involved leak photos of nude women belonging to a stream of group chats. Attached to these inappropriate messages were jokes about rape, pedophilia, and Holocaust memes. The chapter was suspended in October when FIU was able to form a connection between the leaked group chat and the fraternity. Other Greek-life organizations should take this as an example of the disastrous consequences that arise out of damaging behavior and an inability to abide by the rules.

On the other hand, this decision is good news for TERRA students who wish to join an FIU sorority or fraternity and are willing to represent the university’s idea of a model student. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of a fraternity, and I’m glad FIU has made this decision to bring them back,” said senior Lucas Wood-Gluck. Coral Cadaval who is attending FIU for free because of the Golden Promise wishes to join a sorority as well, “Because I won’t be paying for tuition, I can maybe try to pay and be apart of a sorority.”As of this moment, involvement in any kind of Greek life organization means the absence of all alcoholic beverages and a slightly more difficult pledging and admissions process for fraternities and sororities.