A Look into the Future: Dartmouth College Visit

A Look into the Future: Dartmouth College Visit

College season is just around the corner and to help students better understand the competition and appeal of their future colleges, TERRA is offering students with a unique opportunity to attend college visit presentations from universities all over the United States. In these presentations, student’s of all grade levels are able to express underlying concerns and ask questions about the colleges. From Ohio State University to Dartmouth College, TERRA allows its students to have a more individual experience with an institution’s corresponding admissions officer.

It has been roughly eight years that TERRA has hosted college visits. “ I used to randomly select and invite them because I knew those were the colleges that our kids were interested in, but now I don’t select anyone, they come to me basically begging for them to have space here,” reveals TERRA’s esteemed college advisor Mrs. Julie Vivian.

These college visits are designed to inform students about their college of interest while not only being limited to the information that can be found online. “I like having them here because it is the voice of the university, like live in person in our office,” says Vivian.

Even Ivy League schools like Dartmouth College come to TERRA in hopes of grabbing the attention of young Wolves to attend their institution early on. On Thursday, Oct. 4th, Dartmouth College visited TERRA and met with students in the university center during lunch. This Ivy League school featured its college admissions officer, Gregory Manne, who has been working for Dartmouth for three years. During the interviews, Manne stated that Dartmouth is a splitting image of TERRA, mentioning how the college is “the Green Ivy” and the smallest Ivy in the Leagues.

“Our schools are like soul mates,” Manne compared, “We have incredible programs in STEM and sustainability, but are also committed to the arts and humanities and so are you.”

Dartmouth College is one out of the eight Ivy League schools in America but has a unique way of handpicking students from the admission’s pool. They look for students with character and charm; a student who is more than their grades. Upon test scores, they require a personal statement, two sentimental essays, and recommendation letters. In the presentation, Manne explained how students could potentially come forth with a perfect score in the SAT and not get in.  Yet with all this pressure, he believes TERRA students are the perfect fit for Dartmouth. He notes that many things illustrated in Dartmouth’s “3D” (a school magazine which outlines students’ life in and out of Dartmouth College), he can envision TERRA students doing on their campus.

Being an Ivy League school, Dartmouth only provides need-based scholarships which is based on low-income. Also, in order to get accepted to this college, they look for data and voice. Data consists of test scores and transcripts, and voice. Additionally, Dartmouth is an adventurous and community-focused school. “Why we came to TERRA? Well, because of the fantastic students and Mrs. Vivian hosts us. Also, TERRA is an environmental school, you guys even have a greenhouse outside,” says Manne.