Night School Movie Review

Night School Movie Review

Valeria Romeo , Entertainment Writer

There have been recent movies coming out in theaters but there is one in particular that has everyone talking: “Night School”. Night school is pg-13 and is comedy based. This movie includes actors such as Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish whom are known for being incredibly funny. Tiffany Haddish plays Carrie, the night school teacher and Kevin Hart plays the role of Teddy Walker, the protagonist. Kirsten Osborne, a sophomore, watched the movie and stated, “I liked it because it showed not to drop out of school because it leads to bad things and it was funny.”

The purpose of the movie was to captivate their viewers with funny jokes and crazy plot twists. The actors in the movie fit into it very well. Kevin Hart is known to be a very funny man fitting right into the character of the unfortunate Teddy Walker. Also, his co-star Tiffany Haddish was portrayed as a strong and sassy teacher who didn’t care about what anyone else thought and she also fit in just as well. Although this movie is pure comedy it nonetheless teaches important life lessons. Many people enjoyed the lessons behind it because it made people realize that staying in school is the best way to go if they want a successful future.

Another student Zoriya Mack, a junior, said “The movie was really funny and very relatable.” The movie seemed to relate to students as it showed the struggles of learning in high school and passing your classes. Adults also related because it portrayed how difficult it is to get a good job with a low education.

The movie was incredibly funny. It had very humorous jokes and scenes causing everyone to laugh and be at the edge of their seats the entire movie. The movie also offered a great lesson to learn from which was to stay in school. Multiple people enjoyed the movie and it is highly recommended.