These Milkshakes Bring All the Students to La Casita

Senior Taylor Briceno drinking a chocolate milkshake with senior Peter Muina.

Senior Taylor Briceno drinking a chocolate milkshake with senior Peter Muina.

Taormina Cosomano, Student Life Writer

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On Nov. 9, the junior student government held their second annual milkshake sale. This event was held at La Casita between the cafeteria and the gym. As students approached La Casita, they were welcomed with Spanish music.  Students were waiting in a long line to pay and be served their drinks and SGA members were calling out flavors to the volunteers inside making the milkshakes.

Party time, a flavor that will have to be advertised in the future, is a flavor that Gutierrez feels students are missing out on as it’s the least popular due to the fact that it’s barely known of.

A total of four flavors were sold including chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, and party time. Party time, an underground flavor, consists of vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge, was not popular among many students. Very few students were willing to try the foreign flavor.

The chocolate and cookies and cream were the most popular according to Andrea Gutierrez, junior class president. After selling mostly chocolate milkshakes, the flavor became unavailable due to the extensive demand.

The junior class advertises La Casita on social media with flyers and through the junior class remind. They send messages and post throughout the week to raise awareness and promote the much awaited day. “I am always checking my friends Instagrams to see if they will be selling milkshakes because the first time they did this, the line was too, long so I really want to make sure I am at the front of the line to get my morning milkshake,” says junior Andrea Del Junco.

Students raved over the milkshakes, junior Marc Litke stated, “I shared a milkshake with a friend but it was so good I wanted more. I’ll definitely have to get my own next time!”

With cookies and cream being a crowd favorite, and party time being left behind, everyone loved their cold drink. Senior Taylor Briceno mentioned “I got one for my friend for her birthday, this was definitely a great gift and a perfect way for her to start her special day!” This milkshake sale has become very popular and students look forward to it. Through chaos and excitement TERRA’s student body is able to put on this production and satisfy all students who wish to start their morning with a sweet treat.