Memories and Traditions to be Thankful for

Danielle Mesa, Entertainment Writer

As people gather around on Thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on the streets of New York City, others across the country are waking up to watch it on television within the comfort of their own homes. People who attend the parade come from every corner of the country to witness the breathtaking experience.

In NYC, everyone is pressed together against the railings, similar to sardines in a can, losing track of time, hearing the echo of the footsteps approaching. High school bands, giant floats, large life-sized balloons hovering above; a spectacle worth waiting for.

“I watch the parade every year because it is a tradition with me and my family. My favorite part of the whole parade is seeing the big inflatables and watching the musicians and dancers go down the parade,” said junior Ariana Garcia.

Although for some students it’s a tradition, junior Emily Munoz states, “Whenever I have time on Thanksgiving morning and I sit down to watch tv, I will flip to the parade even though it’s not my favorite,” she admitted, “Although, whenever I find myself watching the parade, it happens to be on my favorite part, the Rockettes performing.”

Thanksgiving Day traditions can start with either sitting down watching the parade with loved ones or starting preparations for Thanksgiving dinner while watching the parade. Junior Grace Robles begins her holiday by “Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade every year with my grandfather while preparing the little things for dinner.” She reveals, “The most valuable thing of the parade is watching the dancers dance down the street and watching my grandfather’s reaction when I start dancing along with the people on tv.”

If there is one thing, many people should appreciate during the holiday season it’s how to value those traditions and appreciate their own roles on this special day where everyone is thankful for one another.