Homecoming Pep Rally

Homecoming Pep Rally

Jorge Carmona, Student Life Writer

On Friday, Nov 30, TERRA held its first pep rally that was meant to excite the TERRA students as they prepared for the upcoming basketball game and homecoming dance on Dec. 1.

Once all the students were seated and ready for the events, it was finally time to commence the pep rally. The DJ blasted all kinds of popular and upbeat music in order to keep the good energy going. The SGA kept the event running smoothly, and the cheerleaders and dancers greeted incoming students and faculty. After a unique and entertaining spirit week, TERRA wrapped it up with the exhilarating pep rally.

Based on tradition, every pep rally at TERRA begins with the introduction of all of the sports teams in season. From basketball to swimming each team at TERRA had an opportunity to be recognized and show off their special cheers. Additionally, new games and activities were introduced such as the basketball game between members of the boys and girls basketball team. Both teams were able to show off some of their skills in a quick game. “I was glad to see that they introduced new events, I was expecting to see the same thing every single year,” said Junior Simon Valencia. Following this, the TERRA pep squad began to prepare for their performance.

They cheered to several popular songs such as “ZEZE” by Kodak Black and “Level Up” by Ciara. According to Sophomore Samantha Suarez, “The dances this year were a lot more exciting and I really enjoyed it.” After an exceptional performance, members of the SGA began to set up for another popular game, musical chairs. Two students from each grade level were selected to represent their class in a simple yet extremely competitive game. During the first pep rally, the juniors came out on top and at the second pep rally, the seniors dominated every other class. Junior Matthew Newsome, who participated in the game, commented “You can really feel the competitive vibe during the game, but it was still super fun overall.”

Next up, the TERRA Emeralds gave a spectacular dance routine that impressed the crowd. This was followed by the “Sweethearts Dance” where members of the Emeralds danced with players from the boys basketball team. To keep the energy going, the SGA began to set up for tug of war, where the true rivalries between the classes was observed. In a surprising turn of events, the seniors swept the floor and won tug of was at both pep rallies. To wrap up the pep rally, TERRA students gathered together to sing the Alma Mater, which was accompanied by a live band performance.

Overall, the pep rally was a major success, as it allowed everyone to enjoy and participate in the events. Sophomore Steven Alvarez felt that “ The pep rallies at our school are great because we able to show our pride for our school, hang out with friends, and take a break from class.”, his opinion was shared by many other TERRA students as well. The next pep rally is in March, right before Spring Break, and many students are looking forward to attending it.