“A Night Under the Stars”


(From left to right) Emmanuel Elias, Jorge De Armas and Luis Fernandez at Homecoming

Melissa Mendoza, Student Life Writer

Homecoming, is an event that all TERRA students were anxiously waiting for. Students were excited to pick this year’s theme, “Starlight Sky”. On Dec. 1, students from all grade levels danced the night away underneath the stars at JW Marriott Marquis in Downtown Miami. The students were able to enjoy the night with friends and classmates.

Junior Amy Cofino says, “ Hoco was such an amazing night with all my friends. The food was delicious and the place was decorated beautiful. It really captured the theme of the night. We danced so much that we had so many blisters by the end of the night.”

A week before the event, students were able to vote for the nominees of the Homecoming court during lunch. They were able to vote  for King and Queen, Duke and Duchess, and Princess. The winners for this year Homecoming court were King Austin Hubsch, Queen Angelica Ruiz, Duke Jason Valdes, Duchess Eva Galindo, and Princess Samantha Villa.

Princess Samantha Villa says, “It was so unexpected, I was shell-shocked. I honestly didn’t think I would win, but I’m so touched by the results of my friends support during my whole campaign. I’m so grateful for my friends and boyfriend who made this night so special for me.”

The food was absolutely delicious and students kept going back for more. Some even forgot to go eat since they were spending all their time at the dance floor. The music was great, it pleased everyone taste, ranging from pop to salsa.  Kids kept dancing and jumping around and by the end they were all exhausted and sweaty but to them it was worth it.

My first TERRA Homecoming was an amazing experience! Wolves know how to have a good time! I was happy to see students fill the dance floor and see how beautifully dressed and polished they all were. I also appreciated the full support from Mr. Sirven, the administrators, counselors and teachers. It was a beautiful evening!” said Mrs. Robaina

Overall, Homecoming was a successful night for the TERRA students. Students laughed, danced and captured the moments of homecoming. It was a great night to end the weekend.