Chilling With The Classics

Chilling With The Classics

Valeria Romero, Entertainment Writer

With the holidays approaching, people have been turning in on Christmas movies to get into the spirit of the holidays. This year, Netflix has released an astronomical amount of  Christmas movies. They even released a movie as early as November as a preview to Netflix users. At TERRA students enjoy the movies as the Christmas spirit overtakes them with happiness. Samantha Suarez, a sophomore said, “I love all these Christmas movies. They’re so cute and they just make me super happy!”

The first movie released by Netflix was The Holiday Calendar which was premiered on November 2, 2018. The movie is centered around a young woman attempting to follow her dreams of becoming a professional photographer. Her grandfather gave her a “magical” advent calendar which changed her life. This movie is very romantic and takes place during Christmas time which is a perfect movie to watch as of now. A sophomore, Jakob Fehrenbach mentioned, “I might be a guy but I’m a sucker for these types of movies. It was really nice and sweet.”

Along with The Holiday Calendar, there are other movies that were released soon after. These movies were either comedy or romance. The following movies: A Christmas Prince: the Royal Wedding, The Princess Switch, Christmas With A view, and 5-star Christmas have become very popular among the U.S. Amanda Esposito, a junior said, “I watched The Royal Wedding, The Princess Switch, and The Holiday Calendar. They were all really good. Netflix came out with some awesome Christmas movies this year.”

Netflix has been trending recently and now that they released Christmas movies, people have been using it more. Their Christmas movies have been providing people with entertainment. Students at TERRA specifically are fans of the new Christmas movies. Now they’ll have to wait for the better ones next year.