Have You Heard of TERRA’S New Club?

Addie Argote, Sports Writer

TERRA is welcoming a new fitness club, introduced by junior Dairon Sanchez. Sanchez regularly works out and plans to use his own workouts to run his club. Sanchez is an active member of the cross country team and works out regularly at UFC gym. The club will be hosted in the multi-purpose room which is located in front of the locker rooms.

Sanchez is planning to incorporate cardio and strength exercises in his workouts. His plan is to workout every part of the body and to help his members get as healthy as they can be. Sanchez said, “the reason I started this club is to teach students how to maintain healthy habits and at the same time teaching them how to handle their responsibilities on a balanced schedule.”

Sanchez does not want to make the club boring and monotonous so he is trying his best to use different exercises while still giving his members a great workout.

Many athletes from the school use this club as another way to stay healthy and in shape. Sophomore Christian Mahoney is one of these athletes. Mahoney, a member of the cross country team, said, “this fitness club is a great idea and is helping me stay in shape during the cross country off season.” The cardio and strength exercises help the student athletes build their stamina and stay in shape during their off seasons.  Student athletes are not the only members of the club. Many other students like Adriel Sanchez plan to use this club to get in shape and be healthy. Adriel Sanchez said “the workouts we do in this club are very hard but they are good and this club is great for helping me get into better shape.”

Sanchez is hoping to help many students get healthy while still balancing their busy schedules. This club is a great addition to the many clubs that TERRA has to offer. Hopefully this club goes on for years to come and helps many students.