Fan Fury Over Friends

Fan Fury Over Friends

Isabella Garcia and Ashley Fernandez

Netflix is a worldwide media system used by almost everyone to stream their favorite movies and TV shows. Being teens of the 21st century, our daily lives consist around binging Netflix classics all day long as assumed by the older generations. For example the show Friends, which has been causing fans to spiral out of control. Monday, December 3rd the internet crashed due to the shocking rumor of Friends being removed from Netflix.

Early that Monday, Netflix reached out on twitter sending fans into a panic. America’s most popular show Friends, was to be removed from Netflix this coming year. Sophomore Justin Estevez stated, “If Friends was removed I wouldn’t even use Netflix. Friends is the only thing I watch. It’s a show I like to binge and it never gets old.”

Fans couldn’t help but protest its removal.  A freshman at TERRA, Robert Perez said, “I signed the petition. The people just want to keep their favorite show and some only have Netflix for that show.” After Netflix calmed fans down with the statement that Friends will not be removed, they also announced that “ Netflix will be paying Warner Media $100 million to keep showing Friends for another year.”

As time passes, the Friends rating has only gone up higher. Luckily all the efforts payed off. Netflix agreed to keep Friends for another year. There’s no doubt that fans will keep pushing until it’s permanent.