Wolves Moving On: College Acceptance

Senior Michael Gonzalez receiving his acceptance to Cal Tech. Credit: @terrawolves (Instagram)

Senior Michael Gonzalez receiving his acceptance to Cal Tech. Credit: @terrawolves (Instagram)

The time of the year has arrived: where senior wolves start to face a stressful yet exciting part of their high school career: college decisions. College applications come out as early as October and seniors typically receive their acceptance letters during the final months of the school year: specifically in March, April and even May.

At TERRA, majority of seniors like to stay within the state of Florida, but only a  hand full of students go out-of-state to study in academically rigorous universities.

Some seniors have already committed to their universities, an exhilarating moment in their lives. Senior, Carolina Aguila is starting college for the fall term at Florida International University. Aguila is excited for a new start but also nervous to enter the beginning of her college experience, however she keeps herself grounded and explains that “At the end of the day I’ll be okay and enjoy wonderful learning experiences.”

Although making a decision for some students can be easy, for others it’s a bit more complicated. Senior Gabriela Encalada,  applied to Florida International University, the University of Florida, University of Central Florida, and the University of Miami. Encalada qualified for Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship, a merit-based scholarship given by the state in order to reward students for their excellent test scores and high GPA’s. Encalada plans to start college either in June or August depending on where she decides to go. She finds it a bit stressful to meet deadlines and get necessary information, while also meeting requirements to complete her financial process.

“I am excited and scared because it’s new and I’ll have more freedom but I don’t know anyone or know how hard it’s going to be,” expresses Encalada.

Similarly, senior Michael Gonzalez has applied to the University of  Florida, University of Central Florida, Georgia Tech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard, and several other prestigious Ivy League schools. As of now, he has gotten accepted into the University of Florida and California Institute of Technology. Gonzalez has  applied for The Gates Scholarship and Coca-Cola Scholarship and plans to attend Carnegie Mellon or the California Institute of Technology. He is indecisive about what college he will attend. “If I stay in the state [I’ll go to] UF. If I get enough financial aid to go out of state then hopefully Carnegie Mellon or California Institute of Technology,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez has completed all his college applications and did not find them that stressful. “Each individual application was not that stressful on its own, but having to do so many did become stressful when the deadline came near. Each one took about a day or two of solid work,” mentioned Gonzalez.

Even with all the stress seniors encounter with their  college applications, many seniors are excited to make their decisions about moving on and experiencing the college atmosphere. Whether they are staying in the state of Florida or moving out, many are ready to tackle the newest chapters of their lives as they head out to college.