First Football Game of the Season

First Football Game of the Season

Danielle Nogueira, Sports Writer

During the 2016-2017 school year, TERRA was at a high demand for the want of a girls flag football team. After much deliberation, a team was formed for the spring season of 2017. Since then, the team has been drastically growing. While it is fun to play, many students also enjoy watching the team play.

On March 6th, TERRA’s flag football team had its first game of the spring season. This game was away and it was against Miami Coral Park Senior High School. The game began with the referee flipping a coin to determine which team got the ball first. TERRA won the coin toss but decided to allow Coral Park to start with the ball so they could begin after halftime with it. In the first drive, quarterback Ariana Richards threw an interception and Coral Park returned it for a touchdown. They then scored the extra point making the score 0-7.

After a few failed attempts, freshman Samantha Lizardo scored the first touchdown, making the score 6-7 in the third quarter. The score was close for a while until towards the end of the game, when Coral Park scored another touchdown when their player ran down the sideline and beat all of the girls to the end zone. The final score resulted in 6-13.

Although TERRA did not win the first game, the team remains optimistic for the rest of the season.

“I have been really enjoying playing in games with all the girls and it’s been a great way to meet new people.” said newest player, junior Hannah Sutherland. “It’s been a challenging experience but im expecting an exciting season and hopefully some wins in the future,” reveals Sutherland.

Many other girls, like Sutherland, have also joined the team and are thrilled to be playing.

“I am enjoying the sport a lot more than I expected. I’ve made a few new friends on the team and have been having a lot of fun,” said Stephanie Antigua. “ I hope we win more games in the future,” Antigua adds.

Although their first game was not a win, the girls gave it their all. The team is still remaining hopeful for future games and will continue to have fun while on the field.