Tornadoes Hit the South

Tornadoes Hit the South

Julia Arias, News Writer

Tornadoes wreaked havoc in the lives of many Sunday, March 3rd. Multiple tornadoes sped through southeast Alabama, Georgia, and Florida at a frightening speed of 158 mph, destroying houses and streets. (The National Weather Service in Boston news). The tornadoes destroyed everything in its path: houses, streets and killing at least 23 people. Junior Alec Osorio sympathizes with the victims stating; “that’s horrible. I hope their families can get through this tragedy alright.”

According to Alan Blinder, a writer in New York Times, article, “Tornadoes Kill at Least 23 in Alabama,” Donald Trump tweeted Sunday night sending advice on how “people around and in Alabama should be careful and safe.

”There’s debris laying everywhere…There was a mobile home in the middle of the road at one time. There are personal belongings in the trees,” Chief Byron Prather of the Opelika Fire Department explained the situation in Blinder’s article.

Only deceased victims have been reported in Lee County, Alabama. More than 150 people are involved in the search teams in Lee County with the hope of helping victims. With the help of the state, the search will continue for a few more days in hopes of lending an extra hand. Those who experienced significant damage will work on getting back up on their feet with the help of those around them. “Hopefully everything turns out well, because this is horrible. But it’s mother nature, I guess,” says sophomore Camila Montalvo.