A Disaster in Hanoi: The Trump-Un Summit

Michaela White, News Writer

On Feb. 28, the Trump-Un Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, came to an abrupt close after President Trump and Kim Jong-Un were unable to negotiate a deal regarding the disarmament of North Korea’s nuclear weapon facilities. The summit was set to discuss North Korea’s nuclear weapons following last year’s meeting between the two leaders in Singapore which focused on the steps North Korea would take to disband its weapons.

Sadly, though, the meeting suddenly ended, which was a big surprise to the global community. The whole purpose of the summit was for a deal to be made regarding North Korea’s nuclear weapons and the U.S. sanctions placed on this small, East Asian country. However, that was not the outcome. Instead, Kim Jong-Un demanded that Trump revoke the sanctions the United States had placed on North Korea, which was a huge no-go for the leader of the free-world. With a deal unable to be made, just like that, the summit came to a chilling close.

This deal, or rather, lack of one, disappointed many, including  junior Michael Perez, who expressed that “nothing came as a result of the summit besides North Korea rebuilding their testing sites.”  Perez also mentioned that the isolated regime just might “return to the status quo” of “occasional threats… until the next summit.”

Mr. Jose Guzman, a U.S. Government and Economics teacher, conveyed a similar sentiment, saying that absolutely “nothing” will come out of this summit, and that everything will just be “status quo” from now on.

Now, the fear of North Korea resuming nuclear weapons testing is coming closer to reality. CBS News, as well as other media outlets around the world, recently released aerial footage of heightened activity at North Korea’s Sohae Launch Facility, including evidence that it is being rebuilt after it was shut-down last year, which specializes in launching long-range inter-continental ballistic missiles. This development is a scary one, and, for many, including junior Karina Maceo, the only word that comes to mind is: “Yikes.”

What the world saw as a chance to thaw the icy relations between communism and capitalism became a colossal upset that leaves an unknown for the future. Thankfully, though, The New York Times says that Kim Jong-Un has sworn that he will “stop further weapons testing,” which is a relief, however trivial it is in respect to the larger problem: the number of nuclear weapons facilities still open in the tiny, northern hermit nation.