Madea Goes Out with Her Final Bang

Madea Goes Out with Her Final Bang

Isabella Garcia, Entertainment Writer

Tyler Perry’s Madea movie series has been best known to set its viewers on emotional rollercoasters. Having aired in theaters on March 1st “Madea Family Funeral” is rumored to be the last movie of the series produced by Tyler Perry. He took to various radio stations and talk shows stating that this would be his final film. On its debut the comedy earned a strong $27.05 million thanks to its supportive fans.

In pure Perry fashion, the director producer features fan favorite characters like inappropriate Grandpa Joe, strait man Brian, and of course the audience’s favorite Madea. Previous films have encaptured fans with a mixture of emotions. The director, Tyler Perry, includes multiple jokes concerning gay stereotypes, and even as serious as old men objectifying other characters. Madea movies are to be enjoyed by a mature audience.

“Madea Family Funeral” isn’t a typical funeral setting. Funerals are known to bring grief and sorrow however, to this family the complete opposite of emotions are expressed. The film starts off with the family gathered as a whole, but the Madea family is nothing but an assortment of loud and humorous behaviors. Reviews on”RT” ranked the film with a 13% RT view and a percentage of high likes towards the film from its viewers.

“The movie surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone,” expressed junior Maddie Kelly. Sophomore Christian Mahoney reasoned, “I like the way Tyler Perry isn’t afraid to break the rules or make those risky jokes.”  Leaving his mark, this is rumored to be the last time Tyler Perry puts on his gray wig and granny panties causing an array of laughter and joy from beyond the big screen.