2019 UEFA Champions League Road to Madrid

2019 UEFA Champions League Road to Madrid

Alejandro Jorrin, Sports Writer

The Champions League is a tournament where soccer teams compete at the highest level of the European Club Football. The tournament begins with 32 teams from some of the most successful and top leagues in the continent. These leagues are placed into eight groups of four, each group play against each other and the two winning teams in each group move on to the next stage. The tournament recently wrapped up Round 16, where the teams were drawn at random and played two matches against each other. This occurs in the quarter and semifinals, leading up to the final where the remaining two teams play just one game to decide the winner.

The eight teams advancing from Round 16 are Manchester City (Man. City), Manchester United (Man. Utd), Tottenham, Ajax, Porto, Juventus, Barcelona (Barca), and Liverpool. Man. City beat FC Schalke 04 3-2 in leg one and dominated in leg two winning 7-0. Man. Utd lost in game one to PSG 2-0 and came back in game two winning 3-1 and advancing through away goal advantage. Tottenham defeated Borussia Dortmund 3-0 in leg one and 1-0 in leg two. Ajax stunned Real Madrid by coming back to win 4-1 after dropping the first game 1-2. Porto also came back on top winning the second leg 3-1 after losing the first game 2-1. Juventus came back to win the second game 3-0 after losing the first game to Atletico Madrid 2-0. Barcelona and Lyon tied the first game and Barca came out on top in the second leg 5-1. Liverpool and Bayern also tied the first game but Liverpool went on to win the second game 3-1. These games were filled with impressive moments from start to finish, Soccer fan Christian Ramis stated “Man United coming back to beat PSG after being down 2-0 was really impressive even when they were missing some of their most crucial players in the game.”

Along with the multiple surprises, this round also provided with notable performances from some of the worlds best players. Cypress Creek High junior Jorge Suarez thought the best performances for the current round, was with“Messi’s wonderful game against Lyon to push them through to the quarterfinals, but Ronaldo also had an amazing hat trick to complete the comeback against Atletico.” Now that this round has finished we have a better perspective on the teams competing and it will offer for some interesting matchups and moments. Junior David Torres, states “I think the finals will be won by Barcelona because of the amazing football they are playing and because they have one of, if not the greatest player of all time on their team leading them.”

The next round draws were revealed and we will be seeing Tottenham facing Man City, Liverpool vs. Porto, Man Utd vs. Barcelona, and Ajax vs. Juventus. The first leg of games are set to be played on April 9 and 10, and leg two on April 16 and 17.  The finals will be held June 1 in Madrid, Spain.