Fans Join the Race for WRLD

Ashley Fernandez, Entertainment Writer

One of the most influential rappers in the industry Juice WRLD recently released an album called “Death Race for Love” on March 8. The album features 22 tracks that cover messages on love heart break anxiety and lost souls. This set of tracks is a combination of his previous album“Goodbye and Good Riddance and a mixtape “Wrld on Drugs”

Many of Juice WRLD’s fans were excited to hear new music from their favorite artist. Sophomore Justin is Estevez said “It was distinctive because he has like different song styles in the album like not all of them are just straight rapping.” although many were fond of the album some had differing opinions.  Columbus student Nivan Valdes said, “it could have been better if he would have better if he put some of his unreleased music that got leaked.” Freshman Jaden barrios said “the album wasn’t what I wanted in an album it was overall good but the album sounded repetitive.”

The 22 songs on the album took Juice WRLD’s audience by storm. Some of the most listened to songs including, Empty (209.2k listeners), Robbery (448.5k), and Hear Me Calling (130.1k), according to ‘Genius’. Many people appreciate Juice’s music because of its relatable messages. He makes sure to include emotions of love, distrust, betrayal, heartbreak, and rebellion. According to freshmen, Marlon Ruiz, his favorite song was ‘Robbery’ because “It had a good beat and was just relatable when I listened to it. Honestly Juice is one of my favorite people to listen to when I just want to let loose and listen to someone who gets the issue.”

Overall the opinions on the album were different. but regardless everyone was happy to see Juice WRLD and influence in the 21st century’s music industry create music for the world to enjoy.