Peer Pressure in the Lives of Students

Melissa Mendoza, Student Life Writer

March 22, 2019

Peer Pressure is an issue everyone deals with, it is unavoidable. It is especially embedded in a teenagers life, particularly the choices many teenagers make when influenced by peer pressure. Senior Laura Mazo thinks, “ peer pre...

Listed from left to right with corresponding costume inspiration beneath them.
Junior, Bianca Vives dressed as internet sensation Jojo Siwa.
Junior, Rachel Hernandez dressed as chef Guy Feiri.
Junior, Andrea Gutierrez dressed as Donald Trump.
Junior, Tiffany Quinones dressed as classis Shalissa Vine.
Junior, Natalia Fernandez dressed as young Cardi B.
Junior, Brandon Lara dressed as Salt Bae.

Meme Day

January 14, 2019

Have You Heard of TERRA’S New Club?

Addie Argote, Sports Writer

January 14, 2019

TERRA is welcoming a new fitness club, introduced by junior Dairon Sanchez. Sanchez regularly works out and plans to use his own workouts to run his club. Sanchez is an active member of the cross country team and works out regul...

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