A Disaster in Hanoi: The Trump-Un Summit

Michaela White, News Writer

March 22, 2019

On Feb. 28, the Trump-Un Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, came to an abrupt close after President Trump and Kim Jong-Un were unable to negotiate a deal regarding the disarmament of North Korea’s nuclear weapon facilities. The summit w...

A Teacher Takes a Stand

Alejandra Nogueira, Reporter

January 31, 2018

On Jan. 8, 2018, Louisiana English teacher Deyshia Hargrave was arrested after voicing her thoughts about an upcoming raise at a school board meeting. The meeting was a special session to vote on the renewal of Vermilion Parish...

North and South Korea Talk of Peace and the Winter Olympics

Nicholas Lyle, Reporter

January 31, 2018

North and South Korea have a long history of conflict and disagreement between each other. Korea first divided after World War II when the country split between pro-communist northerners backed by Russia and pro-democracy sou...

Florida Wins Exemption for Trump’s Offshore Drilling Plan

Audrey Leggett, Reporter

January 31, 2018

The decision for Florida to be exempted from what Oil Price called “the most aggressive offshore drilling plan in history” was announced on Jan. 9th by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. In an effort to broaden energy explorati...

New Policy Will Send 200,000 Salvadorans Out of the U.S.

Sean Bennett, Reporter

January 31, 2018

In the Trump Administration’s most recent change to immigration policy, Homeland Security officials announced that the Temporary Protected Status (T.P.S.) held by Salvadorans living in the U.S. will be terminated. The stateme...

Travel Ban Makes it Through Supreme Court Unchanged

Sean Bennett, Reporter

December 17, 2017

The Supreme Court gave Republicans something to smile about Monday, December 5 after passing Trump’s latest version of the travel ban. Trump and his administration have been pushing to impose the travel ban since his inaugu...

Miss Peru 2018 Takes a Surprising Turn

Alejandra Nogueira, Reporter

November 22, 2017

  Beauty pageants have been occurring for decades and always manage to stir controversy; however, contestants of Miss Peru 2018 left audience members shocked when they were asked for their measurements. Instead of offeri...

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